Training & Mentorship


Industrial automation is the use of control systems such as computers, controllers to control industrial machinery and processes, to optimize productivity in the production of goods and delivery of services. Automation is a step beyond mechanization. Whereas mechanization provides human operators with machinery to assist them with the muscular requirements of work, automation greatly decreases the need for human sensory and mental requirements.

Today’s world revolves around innovative technology. Most companies have invested substantially in Automated Plants and are looking for competent engineers with strong knowledge of automation and ability to work on varied brands of PLCs, Drives, MMI and SCADA.

The emphasis of ZCS is on offering high quality innovative training programs with particular focus on industrial automation. The target group envisaged covers all levels of working professionals from industry, faculty, staff and students of engineering institutions

ZCS wishes to create a bench mark in engineering profession and technical education, and is confident that those trained here would have a bright future on the basis of their being enabled to take on responsibility, apply technical skills and make sound decisions. Moreover, our instructors are the people who are on the work sites, the people providing the answers, the people who have proven that they can do the job. ZCS classes provide practical, hands-on training that can be used the moment the student walks out of the class.